The future of iGaming

A simple definition of iGaming would be to bet on games or events online. Generally, all these bets are usually sports.

It is an industry that generates a lot of money daily, it is estimated that the figure is around five million dollars a day. Although iGaming also involves casino games such as Poker, Roulette or Blackjack, the highest odds come from sports betting.

The iGaming industry is growing every day, and today, in terms of volume, it is on a par with the film and music industry in terms of market size and revenue generation. This growth is mainly due to the great technological advances that have happened in recent years.

From physical casinos to iGaming

Since the 1990s, the gaming world took a turn with the rise of the first digital gaming companies. Today it is a global industry, involving destinations such as Malta, Gibraltar or Estonia and employing thousands of people around the world in product and technology development departments.

A new kind of customer

There is no single strategy to get customers, but in the world of iGaming one of the strategies that works best is affiliate marketing. The vast majority of new players enter via affiliate landing pages and then become customers.

It is said that the “customer is always right”, so developers will always try to know what their needs are in order to adapt all new innovations to them.

Advanced technologies offer better themes, graphics, images and soundtracks that make online games even more attractive than traditional casino games.


Covid-19 effect

Covid-19 has affected all aspects of life, in the iGaming industry this effect has been very positive. Social distancing, the closure of physical casinos and confinement made online gaming platforms grow like never before. In any situation, you have to adapt to the new reality, and the gaming industry knew how to do it.

Today it seems that we are back to a pre-pandemic situation, physical casinos reopen, but iGaming is still there. It has come to stay.


iGaming and the future of the industry

For some investors, it is a somewhat “volatile” industry, since depending on which country it has been limited by laws and regulations. In Europe, the dominant country is the United Kingdom, which in 2008 brought in around 8 billion pounds in revenue from the industry, multiplying almost twofold in 10 years.

Globally, in 2016 revenues were $31.8 billion and according to experts, in 2025 this number could reach $100 billion.

Most experts predict exponential growth in the coming years. This exponential growth is mainly due to major technological changes such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, which will offer new experiences never seen before for users.


TTH Gaming

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and guiding, both nationally and internationally, on project development, operations management, return on investment and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any questions regarding our services on our website.

The online gaming industry in the European Union

The gaming industry in Europe has always been in a line of constant growth, and forecasts are that it will continue to do so. Mordor Intelligence claims that the Europeans “The online gambling market can expect a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.20% between the years 2020 to 2025.” During the last years, most of the main gaming companies have focused on mergers of large commercial groups with the aim of increasing their market share and thus being able to increase profit margins.

How do Europeans play? Mobile devices vs computers

Many casinos put a lot of effort into improving the user experience, and because computer screens are so much larger than mobile phone screens, casinos find them more convenient for online gambling.

However, while there are far more games available on PC than on mobile, PC gaming is experiencing a decline due to the exponential growth of smartphones and the gaming industry has kept up with this demand.

The EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association) published a report in which it considered mobile games to be the future, much higher than computer games. In 2021, for the first time, bets made online were made mostly from a mobile phone (50.1%), and it is estimated that by the end of this decade this figure will reach 61.5%.

The Covid-19 pandemic

Another study carried out by Mordor Intelligence revealed that online games should have a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.49% between 2021 and 2026. This data can help us deduce that the coronavirus pandemic really had a great influence in the gaming industry.

The european market

The online gaming sector in Europe is growing exponentially, for example, the latest EGBA report revealed that for this year the gaming market in the European Union is expected to reach 85.5% of the channeling of land markets. In addition, it is estimated that more than four out of five online gaming activities in Europe, by revenue, will occur on gaming websites or Apps that are licensed and regulated in the country where the activity took place, i.e. in a member country. This is a very positive piece of information as it shows how big the European online gaming industry is and continues to expand.

In summary, at the end of 2021 it was estimated that the online gaming industry had a revenue of 36 million euros. European-licensed gaming websites and apps account for 82% of total online gaming revenue, according to the latest figures from the International Gaming Bureau. Some EU countries have already got down to work, such as the Netherlands, which has adapted its legislation to attract even more companies in this sector.

TTH Gaming

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and guiding, both nationally and internationally, on project development, operations management, return on investment and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any questions regarding our services on our website.

The evolution of the iGaming industry

With the evolution of technology, the Internet is advancing faster and faster, giving us many tools, knowledge, entertainment and many opportunities. Therefore, thanks to its potential, many platforms decided to create on the Internet with a 100% usability in it.

The great challenges of online gaming

Online gaming has become one of the main sectors of the Internet in recent years, a success that is mainly due to the diversification of content. In addition, the iGaming industry has been able to understand and adapt to the demands of new players, which are increasingly demanding and diverse.

The offer of online casinos is growing and these platforms adapt and improve their platforms day by day taking advantage of the constant technological innovations offering a 360º experience.

Maintain a steady pace of growth

One of the most important goals for eGaming is to “maintain a steady growth rate” according to the Directorate General of Gaming Management (DGOJ).

One of the great successes of online gaming platforms has been to bet on live games, games that have been the best valued by customers. Live games bring realism and comfort, as they can be played through any device with an internet connection.

The main goal of iGaming is to reach all possible user profiles, something that seems easier every day thanks to the reduction of the digital divide.

What will the future of online gaming look like?

5G has taken a very important step forward, standing out above the rest in speed, latency and density. Connection speeds are very important and key, as most players are social, so if the connection is faster, the playing time will be longer and the experience much more positive.

The sector is expected to evolve in the coming years, benefiting from all the new technological advances as well as virtual reality.

TTH Gaming

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and guiding, both nationally and internationally, on project development, operations management, return on investment and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any questions regarding our services on our website.

Panama, the online gaming market

The Constitutional Democratic Republic of Panama is today the most important financial center in Central America, having behind it a long history of banking jurisdiction and international services, which is why it has a very complete regulation regarding online gambling laws.

Online games

Panama has been described on many occasions as a “virtual country” which makes it an ideal place for the online gaming industry. In addition, there are no double taxation treaties that can be used for commercial activities and VAT is not levied on goods or services exported from the Republic of Panama.

The gaming jurisdiction of Panama offers the standard infrastructure and resources of the United States and at half cost. Panama also has direct connection to many major cities in the United States and access to multiple high-bandwidth fiber-optic networks, in fact, the best submarine fiber-optic access in the region.

Panama’s literacy level is also very high compared to other countries in the region and it also has a large number of fully bilingual certified engineers. All of this makes Panama a perfect place to run a gambling business.

How to get a gaming license in Panama?

Any gaming company operating or hosted in Panama must be registered under the online gaming law of November 12, 2002. The regulation allows international online gambling.

Panama also has one of the largest banking and offshore jurisdictions in the world. Its official currency is the US dollar.

Internet gaming operating companies that are domiciled in this country also have good tax exemptions, and as long as the income is to jurisdictions outside of Panama, there are no income taxes, withholding taxes, sales taxes or VAT. Offshore companies, such as online gaming companies, are not subject to foreign exchange control.

At TTH Gaming we take care of advising any company in this sector. We are specialists in offering services aimed at project development, acquisition management and consulting, with an extensive experience in Spain and Latin America.

Panama law is very “friendly” to all kinds of games. In 1997 the first private casinos were legalized, today there are dozens scattered throughout the country. In most rooms there are a few arcade machines, but there are also large tourist complexes with their respective rooms.

Gambling in Panama

Panama allows all forms of gambling, and the entire industry is regulated by the government’s gambling commission, the Junta de Control de Juegos. Many companies that offer games in North, Central and South America are hosted in Panama and are licensed to offer games and bets over the Internet. Panama’s gaming commission places very few restrictions on the countries that can be served by licensees.

Panama offers a lot of choice when it comes to choosing where to play, and you can choose sites based in Panama, as well as sites located anywhere else in the world.

In general, the process of obtaining a license is a very complex process that implies a series of requirements that must be met. At TTH Gaming we take care of compiling all this information and advising those companies that wish to open a gaming room. Having worked with many Casinos we have witnessed successful and unsuccessful projects for Casino operations. We use this experience to develop the best possible Casino management solution, customized for the specific location, market and property.

How have casinos evolved over the years?

The gaming sector is one of the sectors that has undergone the most changes in recent years, and is also one of the sectors that has more followers day by day. The evolution of gaming rooms would be impossible to understand without considering the emergence of online gaming.

The first casino

The first casino in history, the Ridotto, opened in 1963 in the Italian city of Venice. This casino stood out mainly for two types of games, Basetta (Italian card game with a mechanics very similar to Blackjack) and Biribí (of French origin and considered the forerunner of bingo and lottery).

After the Ridotto, the city of Monaco was the first to build the first modern casino, which stood out for its slot machines and all kinds of board games. The Monte Carlo Casino, created by architect Charles Garnier, is today one of the most iconic and visited in the world.

Macao: One of the largest resorts in the world

The Chinese city of Macao is home to one of the largest resorts in the world, The Venetian Macao, which is also one of the 10 tallest buildings in the world. Opened in 2007, it has an area of ​​51,000 m2 dedicated to gambling, which houses more than 3,400 slot machines and 800 roulette, blackjack and poker tables. This resort, in addition to having luxurious suites and recreational spaces, hosts major music events and international artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Josep Carreras and The Police.

The Venetian Macao is currently the second largest casino in the world, and contrary to popular belief, the podium is not led by any of Las Vegas, but by the WinStar World Casino and Resort, located in Oklahoma.



Las Vegas: the world capital of the casino

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada and is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.

With the legalization of gambling in 1931, the city of Las Vegas found a new direction and began to become world famous. Casino hotels began to be built, and after World War II, Las Vegas hotels and casinos adopted a luxurious aesthetic. Thus began the great entertainment of the city.

The evolution to iGaming

The evolution of the casino could certainly not be understood without the evolution of new technologies and the internet. The Internet has brought the gaming world closer to an audience that would surely never have stepped into a physical casino.

The new technology has made it possible for users to play from the comfort of their home, from any device with the ability to connect to the Internet and at any time of the day, so its popularity is increasing every day. These new pages know neither geographical barriers nor time zones, so it no longer matters where you are, wherever you are possible, and place all kinds of bets.

Another very important advantage of online betting pages over physics is that the catalog of games is much wider. Whatever the type of player, in a casino on the Internet you can always find a game according to the user’s preferences.

Online casinos are evolving day by day and along with Artificial Intelligence will further enhance the user experience on this type of website.

TTH Gaming

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and guiding, both nationally and internationally, on project development, operations management, return on investment and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any questions regarding our services on our website.

Virtual reality, the transformation of online casinos

Casinos always want to embrace all new technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition and offer unique gaming experiences to users. Casinos and betting rooms are constantly changing, adapting to the needs of their customers and to new times. Thus, the first online betting room began in 1998 by the Canadian Randy Blumer who created the first online poker game in a room called Planet Poker. Almost 25 years have passed and the gaming industry has made a gigantic change thanks above all to the Internet where you can find all kinds of rooms, games of chance and without leaving home. The most realistic thing that exists today are casino rooms with real dealers.

What features will these casinos have?

Virtual reality casinos offer their users unique features that no other casino can offer:

  • 3D tables: These three-dimensional tables will give players the opportunity to tour the game room and be able to sit at the table they prefer.
  • Real Time Conversations – Players will be able to interact with other players, just as if they were in a physical casino.
  • Immersive Environments: The virtual reality rooms are designed in such a way that they give the player a feeling that they are actually inside a real casino.

Virtual reality is still very limited, but currently there are big changes and it is settling in society. VR provides us with an immersive gaming experience that excludes you from the outside world and places you in a real but imaginary environment.

The immersive experience would be like entering a real casino, thanks to the virtual reality glasses it is like teleporting to the casino, over time it could become difficult to distinguish from reality, achieving a greater emotion in virtual reality than in reality. to go to a real casino.

This technology can transport you to exciting places, such as the famous casinos in Las Vegas, giving the player a unique experience, playing all the games that are in a casino.

The disadvantage of this technology is that many users do not have these virtual glasses, but from our point of view, we believe that many betting houses, or game rooms will have their own place for these glasses where the user can connect to their account and tele transported to a virtual casino always with a commission for that place.

The games

The vast majority of games existing today can be adapted to virtual reality casinos.

The main protagonist of this new technological revolution will be poker. Thanks to the metaverse, the virtual reality glasses will allow you to see the rest of the players, so you will be able to observe their gestures and expressions to intuit their next moves.

The future of virtual reality in gaming

The virtual reality or metaverse destined for casinos is still in a very early stage, and there are very few platforms that offer such an experience. In the United States, physical casinos are making investments in the field of virtual reality to improve the experience they currently offer. For that reason, it would not be surprising that these casinos move the entire experience they offer to the virtual world in the following years.

Over the years, the technology will evolve from virtual reality with glasses to another technology where the casino and games of chance are different and more futuristic. Managing to play from the sofa of your house in a virtual casino but at the same time so real that real casinos lose customers in them. An example of technological evolution could be casinos with holograms, where the dealer and the gaming table are present in your living room, room, etc.

TTH Gaming, casino consultants

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and providing guidance, both nationally and internationally, on the development of projects, operations management, investment profitability and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any question related to our services at

Live sports betting

Live sports betting, whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, is one of the biggest innovations the gaming industry has made. This exponential growth has come from the hand of the internet and smartphones, although the first documented live bets date back to the beginning of the 20th century among baseball fans who bet in the same stands.

The great added value offered by this type of betting is that they allow you to bet on any sport from anywhere in the world, so you have game possibilities 24 hours a day. These bets are continually updated so they also add an extra layer of excitement.

Some of the great benefits of live betting include the power to control the flow of a game and the ability to set up winning bets, with hedging bets. However, there are also some disadvantages and that is that this type of game can become very addictive.

In-Game Betting Option

Being able to bet while the sporting event is taking place allows you to make a multitude of bets, from the number of goals during a specific time, the number of yellow cards, the number of corners, the points… This gives players the possibility of being able to win more than what is usually earned. For what it does, bookmakers often use software applications to be able to track this entire set of data for their customers to see while the game is going on.


Sports betting, as you can imagine, have also been evolving and adapting to the new times. Traditionally, this type of bets required you to be sitting in front of the television to be able to place the bet, today thanks to mobile phones and applications it is already possible to play while doing any other activity.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, the more players download the app, the more they earn; In addition, since it is possible to change the bet depending on the state of the game, the chance of winning by users will also be greater.

The evolution of the gaming industry

The Internet has drastically influenced the sports betting industry: it affected the reach, scalability, financial models and, naturally, the market size of the industry. Originally bookmakers were physical establishments, and in certain casinos you could also place this type of bet, however, all of them offered very limited options.

The beginning was complicated, but after the bookmakers were regularized, the industry began to experience a very important boom. Many countries adopted their laws to facilitate the entry of these new operators, seeing the great tax possibilities that they could obtain from their profits.

Today the sector has consolidated and users are better informed about the wide range that exists. The role of bookmakers today is to compete with each other to increase their portfolio, offering the best bonuses and service possible.

.TTH Gaming, casino consultants

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and providing guidance, both nationally and internationally, on the development of projects, operations management, investment profitability and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any question related to our services on our website.


Strategies and market development

The global gaming market is valued, according to data from The Business Research Company, at $564.4 billion, with a growth projection of 5.9% per year. This exponential growth is mainly due to the internet as it has allowed access to online games from anywhere and at any time of the day.

Within the typical strategies such as advertising, grouping and creating new game modes, offers and welcome bonuses, or reducing the barriers to access platforms, one of the most interesting is the latter.

In the short term, it may seem like a very interesting strategy to reduce the barriers to platforms that have products similar to those offered by their competitors, since it can allow them to reach a much wider audience. However, when all these online casinos can no longer increase their offer or range of products to offer, they must make strategies to promote their existing products, making their games more attractive or combining them with complementary products or offering some type of promotion.

The development of the gaming market

Market development refers to the promotion of existing products or products to new potential customers, by launching these products in a new geographical area or expanding the market niche. Before starting a strategy like this, it is necessary to establish clear business parameters:

  • Have a capacity to adapt to new trends.
  • Have the ability to adapt in those markets where the game is in the process of growth.
  • Be clear about the cultural and legislative limitations of each country or area.

If it is true that the budgets of online casinos cannot be comparable, they can be used as a basis to find new uses for current products and thus be able to expand to other similar markets. Online commerce has managed to cross physical borders and already represents an opportunity to open new paths hand in hand with innovation processes.

Alternative marketing channels

The three main marketing channels are: email marketing, social networks and commercial websites, with email marketing being the most used by bookmakers to use their campaigns. It is very important not to forget the offline presence either, as it can help to contribute very significantly to optimal growth.

Online casinos often benefit from other alternative channels such as relationships with companies from other different sectors where they can advertise and reach other non-natural markets for the gaming industry.

Market segmentation

Another growth strategy for bookmakers has been market segmentation. This means dividing the market into several groups according to the preferences, interests, locations, among other characteristics of the players. Segmenting by groups allows you to carry out campaigns aimed at very specific niches, so the conversion rates will be much higher. The most typical segments are: geographic, demographic, filmographic, behavioral and psychographic.

Within the iGaming industry, segmentation is a very important strategy to take into account, it allows us to identify all the opportunities and strengths in a much more precise way. To make a good segmentation and be clear about what and when to make the offers, it is necessary to collect as much information about the users as possible: from the moment they enter the website, to the frequency with which they access social networks. It is true that many times it is very complicated to have all this data, so an alternative option is to have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

TTH Gaming, casino consultants

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and providing guidance, both nationally and internationally, on the development of projects, operations management, investment profitability and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any question related to our services at

The gaming industry in Latin America

The Covid-19 crisis has affected almost all sectors, and in the casino world the turnover of the premises has been reduced by half. The gambling halls have remained closed due to the social nature of these establishments.

The casino industry has not gone extinct, as casinos have been forced to look for solutions in order to continue offering their services to users, which many players have begun to move to online casinos. For obvious reasons in recent years the creation of virtual gaming spaces has had a considerable increase, both in number of players and in supply.


Growth and popularity

It is estimated that the Latin American region raised $ 5,000,000 a month in casino games by the end of 2021, and by 2022 this figure is expected to grow by 72% (Leisure Guide, 2021). The vast majority of cultures have gambling, whether it’s traditional lotteries or betting games, as something deeply rooted.


Popular games

  • Recreational machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette Games
  • Poker
  • Live casino

Most famous suppliers

  • Novomatic
    Evolution Gaming


From analog to digital

It is obvious that the differences between playing from the phone is not the same as playing in a physical casino, however more and more online casinos are offering improved experiences and adding value. In Latin America, websites and online gaming platforms have also had to be renewed and adapted to the new times, changes that have gone hand in hand with the need for the respective governments to legislate a new legal framework to adapt to the new reality.

Unlike in Europe, in Latin America this new legal framework will be different depending on the country:

Brazil: Gambling in Brazil has been legal since 2018 and generates around $ 546 million in online casinos. There has been a major debate in recent years over whether or not to ban the casino, but in 2021 the bill was withdrawn. Instead, a legalization and regulation agreement was reached with measures set by the Central Bank of Brazil (Focus GN, 2021).

Colombia: It was the first country in Latin America to legalize online gaming (lay approved in 2016). Coljuegos and the National Gambling Council (CNJSA) are the bodies responsible for overseeing, licensing and ensuring that all casinos meet the standards set by law.

Argentina: Each province has its own laws on gambling, there is no law at the national level. However, in October 2021, the ALEA seminar —Association of Argentine State Lotteries— on regulation and administration of online gambling ended.

Others: Although many other Caribbean and South American countries have strong regulations, this is not the case for most. For example, in Mexico and Chile, existing legislation on the subject is very old, which does not favor the collection of taxes by government agencies.

From our TTH Gaming casino consulting we are dedicated to advising and guiding, both nationally and internationally, on project development, operations management, return on investment and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you have any questions regarding our services at


A new marketing in the post-COVID era: the gambling industry

The Covid crisis has meant a change of mentality in the vast majority of sectors, and especially in the betting room sector, which has been forced to close for almost two years, reorienting its business towards the digital world.


New strategies for customer engagement

From a marketing point of view, the pandemic has led us to rethink many concepts. The needs of the clients have also been modified, so the strategies of how to approach users have also changed, so it is necessary to rethink the indicators, plans, strategies and actions that can influence the ability to maintain a client in time.

In this sense, casino operators such as TTH Gaming have to map new strategies and actions that lead the user to “get hooked again”. It is at this point that the rethinking of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) becomes key. The game time and the ticket average must be measured towards the entire organization, crossing with the NPS (Net Promoter Scores) and the satisfaction scores and thus get to consider all those aspects that are really important for the client, in order to achieve profitability benefits for the company.





The new indicators

When we talk about these “new indicators” we mean that these KPIs must be oriented towards the client and towards all the areas that the organization has. It is also very important to be updated and thus be able to carry out those appropriate actions when necessary.

In a globalized world like the one we live in, the objective of every organization must be to differentiate itself from the competition, so all marketing initiatives must be focused on generating this difference.

  • Are the mission, values and policies of our casino 100% oriented towards our customers?
  • Are the KPIs oriented 100% on our clients?
  • Do we listen to our customers? Do we know what your needs are? What listening mechanisms do we have? Do we take any action from top management when listening to customers?
  • Are our strategies aimed at improving the relationship with our customers?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, it means that your company has not understood what the impact of the pandemic has been on the game and therefore they have not made the necessary changes to reorient themselves.

From our TTH Gaming casino consultancy we are dedicated to advising and providing guidance, both nationally and internationally, on the development of projects, operations management, investment profitability and all kinds of solutions in the world of casinos. You can easily contact us if you want to consult any question related to our services at