TTH Gaming Services

Growing strategies for the gaming sector

Constant change of

  • The technology that helps Casinos evolve
  • The cities that change their physiognomy as they grow and they open new shopping centers or subway lines
  • Games that people still like, and others that are no longer successful among customers

What do we need to do to keep our Casino alive? Is it replacing old machines for new ones enough? Why are there clients that rather play in Casinos that appear to be worse and smaller?

Live gaming tables that tend to die; the rise of social media that change companies’ interaction and communication dynamics; the competition that forces to create new entertainment spaces; the emergence of e-sports and the bets that it suggests for the attraction of the Millenials market; the consolidation of online gaming and gambling via a mobile phone, that takes players, especially young ones, away from us; the saturation of the market in the squares without market restrictions that empty the casinos; the search for high-rollers to compensate the loss of traditional players; and the lack of gaming culture. These are some of the common problems that can be resolved when sales get stagnated.

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