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Licenses and permits for casinos

Bids and Public Tenders

TTH has extensive experience in participating in Bids and Public Tenders for the award of licenses for the operation of gaming casinos and their supplementary services.


Its knowledge extends in both directions: on the one hand, advising the competent public Authorities in the field of gambling for the preparation of the bidding rules and subsequent evaluation of the offers presented; and on the other hand, supporting private companies interested in submitting to possible public Bids and Tenders.

If the case is the latter, it entails the preparation of the diverse information that shapes the presentation of a casino’s project and that may cover: an architectural proposal, an estimation of the personnel and their training, the cost of investment to be made, an economic and financial study, organization and operation technology, a security and surveillance report, a marketing plan, and measures related to social responsibility and responsible gambling.

Obtaining permits, licenses, and authorizations

In those cases that obtaining a license, for the operation of a gaming casino, doesn't require a public bid or tender, TTH Gaming is specialized in the processing of paperwork before the Public Administration, at the international level, or in negotiating with private companies that have been granted certain permits to carry out gaming casinos' activities.

Public biddings for the acquirement of a license for the exploitation of a gaming casino

What should we know when participating in public biddings to acquire a license to operate a gaming casino?

The submission to a public bidding for the acquirement of a casino license depends, to some extent, on the country in which the call is carried out. Due to the different gambling laws, there are different requirements when one wants to obtain a casino license.
Generally, as the powers regarding the gambling field belong to the administrative authorities, the normal channel tends to be the one through public bidding at the national or international level, where the rules of the bidding's call establish the minimum requisites and the required deadlines.

Technical documents for the tender

All biddings require several technical documents: firstly, an architectural project that shows the kind of casino that one is suggesting. Sometimes, the project is the renovation of a building or existent establishments, for instance: in hotels or new construction buildings. Either of these will require the presentation of an architectural proposal that includes:
  • An architectural draft of the casino, which includes, in a detailed manner, all the technical features required by urban planning laws, construction regulations, and security.
  • Description of the strategies and the sustainable designing criteria of the building.
  • Graphic documentation of the draft from the blueprints and any other type of tangible or audiovisual support.
  • Estimated construction costs, broken down into the large parts of the construction (excavations, structure, external closings, covers and roofs, installations, etc.)
  • Estimated opening date of the casino.

Arquitectural proposal

The architectural proposal must also include the different supplementary services that go with the gaming offer and that may or may not be mandatory. Among these, we could find: bars, restaurants, showrooms, conventions center, parking...
All of this must be detailed in the casino design that will include the floor layout of the areas of the gaming operation, supplementary services, ancillary services such as interior design, façades, and outer spaces.

Technical aspects of the gaming proposal

When it comes to the gaming matter, the technical documents should include:
  • Number and area of the planned gaming rooms and respective live games tables, electronic games tables, slot machines, poker tables and pool betting; specifying the number of tables, machines, and betting terminals.
  • Description and record of the quality of the gaming materials. List of all suppliers of gaming materials and their corresponding manufacturer and product approval, following current regulations on the matter.
  • Records of the planned computer systems for the supervision of gaming activity, admission and cash register.
  • Records of the organization and the operation of the gaming casino, indicating the origin and the warranty of the technology that will be used.

Security and surveillance of the gaming activity

Another important aspect is the security and surveillance matter. On that matter, it is necessary to develop a report justifying compliance with the security measures that must include, but not limit, the cash registers, gambling control, video surveillance and security guard service. All these, in addition to the description of the procedures and elements of security materials that are intended to be installed (alarms, cameras, etc.)

Project viability and valuation

Finally, all the aforementioned will need to be accompanied by another set of technical documents, which justify the viability of the project and that must at least include:
  • Economic and financial study of the casino's project with the support of the hypothesis that has been used for its execution.
  • Record of the people in the personnel that have to offer their services in the casino and their supplementary services
  • Expected training plan before the opening and during the running operation of the casino
  • Marketing plan and touristic offer that will help to achieve the expected goals. It is necessary to indicate the different actions that must be carried out and their respective human and economic resources.
  • Internal responsible gambling program of the company, related to the prevention of gambling pathologies.
All the aforementioned aspects are of great importance, since each one of them is linked to a score that is determined by the evaluation criteria that are established in the bidding’s guidelines. Finally, the score points out the winner within the different offers that may be submitted to the bid.
If you need assistance to apply for a public bidding, do not hesitate in contacting Victor Tapies via
Won tenders in Spain

Gran Casino Costa Brava

Av. Vila de Tossa, 27-43, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona

Casino de Asturias

Fernández Vallín,5, 33205, Gijón

In both cases, the collaboration consisted of the fulfillment of all jobs previous to the submission for the public Bid. Grosso modo, it requires an economic and financial study, an estimated global investment, a study of the approximated staff that will be needed, an architectural proposal through a draft or a basic project of the casino, explanatory report and marketing plan, security and surveillance measures concerning both gambling control and technical building codes, a prevention against gambling pathologies program and a social responsibility plan...
The job is complemented with advice and support throughout the preparation of the rest of legal/corporate documents that are necessary for the required Regulatory Bases of the corresponding Public Bid or Tender.
In both cases, the Bid was won and, currently, they are both in full operation.
Other successful cases in which the corresponding bid was won were:

Gran Casino Las Palmas

Simón Bolívar, 3, 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gran Casino Teatro Balear

Palma de Mallorca (pending oppening)

Participation in other public Bids in Spain has been carried out, but in which the award was not won: Sevilla, Menorca, Lanzarote, La Rioja and Granda, among others.
Won Tenders outside of Spain

At the international level, we collaborated in an international public Tender for the privatization of casinos in Panama Republic, and in the awarding of the only casino settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collaborations with Public Entities

In the area of collaboration with Public Entities we would highlight:

Generalitat of Catalonia

Collaboration contract with the General Management of Taxes and Gambling of the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The collaboration was carried out for the definition of the necessary requisites to request from the participants in the Public Bid of Casinos, as well as establishing the criteria for the evaluation of the awarding.

The project is commonly known as BCN WORLD and is currently already awarded to HARD ROCK CAFE.

Government of the Principality of Andorra

More than two years of collaboration with CRAJ (which in Spanish stands for Andorran Gambling Regulatory Council), dependent on the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Principality of Andorra, whose main works have been to elaborate the Regulations of the gaming Casinos; composition of the Bidding Document for the tender of a class A license to install and operate a gaming casino and execute the functions of coordinator of the Evaluation Table.

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