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Procedure manual for casinos

The general aim of a Casino’s Procedure Manual is to represent, in an orderly manner, the different necessary aspects of the organization for the casino’s proper functioning. It is the document that comprises the description of the different departments (operations, security, administration, marketing) and the different job positions, detailing their responsibilities and level of participation.


It includes information and forms, authorizations or necessary documents, equipment to use, and any other data that can help the proper development of activities within the casino.


In it, the basic information regarding the operation of all administrative units is registered and transmitted without distortion,

it facilitates the tasks of auditing, evaluation, and internal control and its surveillance, the certainty in the employees and their bosses that the work is carried out properly or not.


Once the Procedure Manual is implemented, it is necessary to execute its own follow-up, control, and evaluation, through the pertinent periodic audits.


The utility of the manuals resides in the veracity of the information within them. That is why it is necessary to keep them permanently updated through periodic reviews. For this, it is convenient to systematically evaluate the administrative improvement measures, as well as the operational changes conducted in the organization.

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