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Budgets for casinos’ marketing

The marketing budget is the picture in numbers of our strategies. It is fundamental to understand which are the actions that will bring the best outcome.

  • What is an appropriate level of expense? Is it a percentage of the sales? Is there a limit from which the sales rise less than the expenses?
  • To what extent can we reduce other parties when we already have a loyalty program?
  • How should the budget be distributed between events, offers and raffles, direct marketing, loyalty programs, bonusing, and advertising?
  • When can we have a price battle with our competitors? What is understood by “price battle” in our sector?
  • How should we distribute the budget between customer acquisition and customer retention?
  • Is it necessary to invest in marketing if we are located in a tourist area?
  • What and how much should we spend if we are market leaders already?

We have developed these kinds of services for Vicca in Colombia, Fantastic in Guatemala, Sabia Corp. and Grupo Alegre in Mexico, Casino Royal in Panama, and in our own casinos in Mexico and Panama.

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