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Casino Management Systems (CRM for Casinos)

Casinos management programs that main manufacturers (such as IGT, Konami, Win Systems, Bally, Advansys, Sielcon, Novomatic, Octavian, Lansa, Reno, Table Trac, Axes, etc) have, to a greater or lesser extent, marketing modules.

The database that contains the clients with a loyalty card, produces a lot of data which, however, the marketing department does not know how to use. In other instances, only a percentage of the clients use these cards and tracking methods must be implemented to find the rest.

It can also happen that the abilities of the management systems regarding the management of the Casinos’ marketing are very basic and parallel developments are needed.

We have experience with systems from IGT, Win Systems, Sielcon, and we can sort out appropriate solutions for any need and budget.

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