TTH Gaming Services

Digital strategy for casinos

Social media seem to be the new paradigm to communicate with our audience. Nonetheless, target profiles are different depending on the social media platform. Moreover, our strategy needs to be different depending on whether we want to announce events, gaming promotions, or gastronomy activities, concerts, poker tournaments.


Probably, only one account won’t suffice. Probably, we won’t know how to measure the response or analyze the data that the Internet provides us. Perhaps, we have our webpage outdated and we don’t know what to do with it because we already own a Facebook account.

And, even though it is increasingly important to know what to do with our Internet presence, it is also increasingly more difficult to be up to date.


Not everything is only the web design, or the SEO, or our position in search engines, or “being active in social media” and live broadcasting. It is about finding the right mix between diffusion and digital communication depending on our offer of gaming and entertainment.

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