Virtual reality, the transformation of online casinos

Casinos always want to embrace all new technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition and offer unique gaming experiences to users. Casinos and betting rooms are constantly changing, adapting to the needs of their customers and to new times. Thus, the first online betting room began in 1998 by the Canadian Randy Blumer who created the first online poker game in a room called Planet Poker. Almost 25 years have passed and the gaming industry has made a gigantic change thanks above all to the Internet where you can find all kinds of rooms, games of chance and without leaving home. The most realistic thing that exists today are casino rooms with real dealers.

What features will these casinos have?

Virtual reality casinos offer their users unique features that no other casino can offer:

  • 3D tables: These three-dimensional tables will give players the opportunity to tour the game room and be able to sit at the table they prefer.
  • Real Time Conversations – Players will be able to interact with other players, just as if they were in a physical casino.
  • Immersive Environments: The virtual reality rooms are designed in such a way that they give the player a feeling that they are actually inside a real casino.

Virtual reality is still very limited, but currently there are big changes and it is settling in society. VR provides us with an immersive gaming experience that excludes you from the outside world and places you in a real but imaginary environment.

The immersive experience would be like entering a real casino, thanks to the virtual reality glasses it is like teleporting to the casino, over time it could become difficult to distinguish from reality, achieving a greater emotion in virtual reality than in reality. to go to a real casino.

This technology can transport you to exciting places, such as the famous casinos in Las Vegas, giving the player a unique experience, playing all the games that are in a casino.

The disadvantage of this technology is that many users do not have these virtual glasses, but from our point of view, we believe that many betting houses, or game rooms will have their own place for these glasses where the user can connect to their account and tele transported to a virtual casino always with a commission for that place.

The games

The vast majority of games existing today can be adapted to virtual reality casinos.

The main protagonist of this new technological revolution will be poker. Thanks to the metaverse, the virtual reality glasses will allow you to see the rest of the players, so you will be able to observe their gestures and expressions to intuit their next moves.

The future of virtual reality in gaming

The virtual reality or metaverse destined for casinos is still in a very early stage, and there are very few platforms that offer such an experience. In the United States, physical casinos are making investments in the field of virtual reality to improve the experience they currently offer. For that reason, it would not be surprising that these casinos move the entire experience they offer to the virtual world in the following years.

Over the years, the technology will evolve from virtual reality with glasses to another technology where the casino and games of chance are different and more futuristic. Managing to play from the sofa of your house in a virtual casino but at the same time so real that real casinos lose customers in them. An example of technological evolution could be casinos with holograms, where the dealer and the gaming table are present in your living room, room, etc.

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