The future of iGaming

A simple definition of iGaming would be to bet on games or events online. Generally, all these bets are usually sports.

It is an industry that generates a lot of money daily, it is estimated that the figure is around five million dollars a day. Although iGaming also involves casino games such as Poker, Roulette or Blackjack, the highest odds come from sports betting.

The iGaming industry is growing every day, and today, in terms of volume, it is on a par with the film and music industry in terms of market size and revenue generation. This growth is mainly due to the great technological advances that have happened in recent years.

From physical casinos to iGaming

Since the 1990s, the gaming world took a turn with the rise of the first digital gaming companies. Today it is a global industry, involving destinations such as Malta, Gibraltar or Estonia and employing thousands of people around the world in product and technology development departments.

A new kind of customer

There is no single strategy to get customers, but in the world of iGaming one of the strategies that works best is affiliate marketing. The vast majority of new players enter via affiliate landing pages and then become customers.

It is said that the “customer is always right”, so developers will always try to know what their needs are in order to adapt all new innovations to them.

Advanced technologies offer better themes, graphics, images and soundtracks that make online games even more attractive than traditional casino games.


Covid-19 effect

Covid-19 has affected all aspects of life, in the iGaming industry this effect has been very positive. Social distancing, the closure of physical casinos and confinement made online gaming platforms grow like never before. In any situation, you have to adapt to the new reality, and the gaming industry knew how to do it.

Today it seems that we are back to a pre-pandemic situation, physical casinos reopen, but iGaming is still there. It has come to stay.


iGaming and the future of the industry

For some investors, it is a somewhat “volatile” industry, since depending on which country it has been limited by laws and regulations. In Europe, the dominant country is the United Kingdom, which in 2008 brought in around 8 billion pounds in revenue from the industry, multiplying almost twofold in 10 years.

Globally, in 2016 revenues were $31.8 billion and according to experts, in 2025 this number could reach $100 billion.

Most experts predict exponential growth in the coming years. This exponential growth is mainly due to major technological changes such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, which will offer new experiences never seen before for users.


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