TTH Gaming at the International Gaming and Gambling Trade Show, Madrid 2019

On 9th and 10th of April, we attended to FIJMA, which in Spanish stands for the International Gaming Fair, in 2019 in IFEMA, Madrid (Spain), and which in English is known as the International Gaming and Gambling Trade Show.

FIJMA is an event where businessmen and managers from all over Spain related to the recreational and gaming industry gather and meet. It is also a center for some manufacturers and exhibitors, both national and international, who take advantage of the fair to present a selection of some of their new products.

Once again, the Gaming and Gambling Fair of Madrid has become the place to gather to exchange opinions, situation status, talk about new projects and, all in all, networking.

Comparing with previous years, we can see how online proposals and betting are increasingly gaining importance, due to the fact that it is a subsector with great growth prospects.

We were surprised by the fact that there were several manufacturers with solutions for coin teller machines, cash management, ATMs, prize ticket redemption machines, payment of betting prizes (both outside and inside the cash register), as well as incorporation with loyalty systems.

Another surprise was the fact that there were barely any exhibitors with online solutions focused on B2B. We also did not see any gaming aggregator (whether they were their own or from various designers and providers), payment gateways, network security nor betting surveillance.

We could find providers for B2C, like Sportium, Luckia, ViveLaSuerte, Enracha, Pastón, Kirolbet, etc., ultimately, all the operators for the Spanish gambling market.

Crypto technologies were not present in the fair, nor anything from blockchain, which is something we could indeed see at the ICE Fair in London, where we saw exhibitors and conferences dedicated to crypto coins and the processing of Internet payments for the gaming sector.

Thanks to this event, we could confirm the fact that a lot of Spain’s autonomous communities are required to perform entry controls in their establishments, mostly in betting houses and rooms. In what this issue concerns, some manufacturers have presented products for facial recognition, which allow them to detect features such as being of age and monitoring the “list of forbidden ones” (individuals who are not authorized to access the establishment).

Thanks to the International Gaming and Gambling Trade Show 2019, we were able to share with senior executives from the sector, some of them acquaintances from years ago, others, new incorporations.

Next FIJMA will be in two years, probably in Madrid in 2021, but, before that, we have the Global Gaming Expo G2E fair in Las Vegas (USA) from 15th to 17th of October 2019. Should we see you there?