A new marketing in the post-COVID era: the gambling industry

The Covid crisis has meant a change of mentality in the vast majority of sectors, and especially in the betting room sector, which has been forced to close for almost two years, reorienting its business towards the digital world.


New strategies for customer engagement

From a marketing point of view, the pandemic has led us to rethink many concepts. The needs of the clients have also been modified, so the strategies of how to approach users have also changed, so it is necessary to rethink the indicators, plans, strategies and actions that can influence the ability to maintain a client in time.

In this sense, casino operators such as TTH Gaming have to map new strategies and actions that lead the user to “get hooked again”. It is at this point that the rethinking of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) becomes key. The game time and the ticket average must be measured towards the entire organization, crossing with the NPS (Net Promoter Scores) and the satisfaction scores and thus get to consider all those aspects that are really important for the client, in order to achieve profitability benefits for the company.





The new indicators

When we talk about these “new indicators” we mean that these KPIs must be oriented towards the client and towards all the areas that the organization has. It is also very important to be updated and thus be able to carry out those appropriate actions when necessary.

In a globalized world like the one we live in, the objective of every organization must be to differentiate itself from the competition, so all marketing initiatives must be focused on generating this difference.

  • Are the mission, values and policies of our casino 100% oriented towards our customers?
  • Are the KPIs oriented 100% on our clients?
  • Do we listen to our customers? Do we know what your needs are? What listening mechanisms do we have? Do we take any action from top management when listening to customers?
  • Are our strategies aimed at improving the relationship with our customers?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, it means that your company has not understood what the impact of the pandemic has been on the game and therefore they have not made the necessary changes to reorient themselves.

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