Promote online casino brands

With the Internet, the gaming world has created a new reality, a much more dynamic, accessible and diverse reality.Until just over a decade ago, the gaming market was largely limited to physical casinos and betting centers. The online casino has changed the paradigm and the idea of gaming centers. If the idea of physical casino was that center based on luxury and risk, online casinos are quite the opposite, and in fact in many of them the word “game of chance” is not even mentioned.

A new paradigm

This new game paradigm has created a new reality, a much more dynamic, accessible and diverse reality. The profile of the public that visits a physical casino from an online one is very different. The player who connects in an application is not looking for the player experience of a physical casino, but rather looking to have fun and, if possible, win some money.

In addition, the barrier to entry in an online casino is very low. Just entering the web already offers you welcome bonuses, which positively encourages customer retention and positively encourages them to register on their platform.

In addition, thanks to smartphones, online casinos have managed to consolidate as these smartphones have become an indispensable tool in people’s daily lives.

Online casinos have also adapted to the new reality and thanks to the gaming experience they offer they have managed to attract an increasingly large and diverse audience, much of this innovation is due to what is known as co-branding.

The co-branding

What is co-branding? The final product of the co-branding could be the typical themed arcade machines that have their own characters, stories… in short, they are unique.

It could therefore be said that the shared brand allows cooperation between different companies for mutual benefit and thus be able to improve these online gaming platforms.

Some benefits that co-branding can provide are:

  • Raise the competition: There are many online betting platforms, so the competition is high. Casinos try to offer the best possible bonuses and the largest number of specialized games. Generally the games are the same on all platforms, the difference lies in the shared brand.
  • Specialized topics: A specialized topic will be discussed in the different forums and social networks, which will create excitement and attract new followers to the website.
  • Selecting the best online casino: Choosing the best online casino is not an easy task, they are all very similar and the games are generally the same. Here again the co-branding comes in, and therefore you should find out if this platform offers something special, what the bonuses and rewards will be, etc.


Marketing for the gaming industry

A good brand image is key to being able to consolidate within the gaming industry. It’s important to have a brand image that’s easy to spot, sticks in the mind, and is instantly recognizable to your audience. The logo must be very striking and representative of what the brand wants to convey. Generally the gaming industry uses red colors as it is a color that transmits emotion and adrenaline.

Brand elements

  • Slogan: a good slogan should be short, memorable and directly related to what you want to convey and represent.
  • Customer Personality: Creating the customer persona, or buyer persona, is about looking at user demographics, average age, gender, income level, and marital status…everything! From here, start working to create the perfect client who could feel identified with the brand’s motto.

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