Innovation in the gaming sector

New technologies, such as the internet and smartphones, have brought the world of gambling and betting closer to sectors of society that had never been attracted to it before, completely altering the way people gamble and bet on the internet .

We live in a world in which we are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, and by taking a simple look at the communication channels, we can see how sports betting pages and online casinos have occupied a very important space in today’s society. .

One of the keys to this growth is the high level of innovation that these companies have experienced in recent decades, especially in terms of cybersecurity. Bookmakers have seen the internet as a business avenue to exploit and have been able to adapt to market changes by improving business models.

The commitment to technologies and innovation

Until a decade ago to play online casinos it was necessary to request a CD from the company in order to install the program and thus play from the computer. Nowadays CDs have almost disappeared from our day-to-day life and bookmakers have seen that to be successful in the online business it is very necessary to make it easy for the player. Currently with a couple of clicks it is possible to open an account in the vast majority of applications.

Currently the software and programs from which players bet are increasingly complete, intuitive, safe and sophisticated. The goal is to be able to offer users an improved gaming experience to keep them coming back and this is done by improving its features. All these technological innovations have brought a higher level of simplicity to the game, initially absent in traditional casinos. This higher level of simplicity and realism has been key to opening the door to both the novice and seasoned audiences.

Smartphones have led online gaming companies to develop responsive applications, that is, adapted to the mobile screen so that the user can play from their phone. It must be borne in mind that currently it is estimated that 80% of internet traffic is made from these devices.

Virtual reality

Mobile applications are currently the most used online medium for gambling, much more so than the computer, however the phone screen can seem a bit boring after a few hours.

Virtual reality aims to keep players’ interest in online casino platforms intact for a much longer time. This technology allows users to play as if they were in a physical casino using virtual reality glasses.

This state-of-the-art technology has expanded its options and today it is already possible to play almost all games, both new and classic such as blackjack, craps, poker and baccarat.

Live games

The physical casino gives an environment to the game that an application will never be able to offer, however, the new online platforms increasingly offer the possibility of being able to play with live dealers and thus give a much more realistic experience to the players. In addition, through cameras, chats and video calls, it allows players to experience the live experience of playing in a casino from the screen of their terminal.

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