Professional Online Gaming Consultants

Why is online gaming consulting important?

Today the vast majority of people spend a good part of their time on the internet, and leisure is the focus of a very important part of said activity.

With the Internet we can do everything from gambling to online video games or casino. The internet is a very large world that is easily accessible and in which more and more people are continuously exposed to thousands of inputs that encourage us to play. Given this new ecosystem, the law has had to adapt in order to protect the security and privacy of both natural and legal persons. That is why it is very important to have a specialized and effective company such as TTH Gaming.

Every company, regardless of the sector, must be a specialist in its field, have very good public relations both with government institutions and with colleagues in the sector, but also know how to take good care of marketing, sales and administration.


At TTH Gaming we offer a specialized and independent advisory service that companies turn to in order to find solutions to their problems, whether it is advising on new strategies, solving crises or helping the casino to gain efficiency. As consultants, we offer effective answers to the complex problems that casinos may encounter, providing all kinds of innovative approaches.

Very important to note

It is essential to review the sections of Legal Notice, General Conditions of Purchase or General Guidelines, where the data of the company that offers the gaming product is included. It is also essential to offer a customer service, have official quality seals and a clear privacy policy, since users must be clear about what use will be made of personal data and what their rights as users will be.

Having a consultancy is also useful for this, the treatment of this information is very delicate and if the law is not strictly known, in the long run it can become a serious problem.

At TTH Gaming we are experts in casino operators, both physical and online, so we care that all these aspects are in accordance with current legislation. For more information about our consulting and advisory service, you can visit us on our website.