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The casino industry after Covid-19

What will be the role of casinos and gambling halls after the Covid-19 crisis? This is one of the big questions asked by a sector that has seen how the betting rooms have remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

If it is true that online gambling has continued and even increased in some cases, land-based casinos offer an added value that online gambling pages do not have: the sounds of the machines, being able to speak and see the dealer, see how the dealer spins roulette, in short, a whole environment coupled with the expectation of being the winner.

Traditional Casinos: An Uncertain Future?

Many casinos already had their own online platform long before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are also many others that were not prepared, which is why they have been forced to start in this new world of virtual business.

From the player’s point of view, being able to play from home has many advantages compared to classic establishments: it is much more comfortable where the user also has the option to choose at what time of day and from where they prefer to participate. These features can help make online gaming rooms much more attractive to the gamer.

Now the big question we all ask ourselves is what will happen once the pandemic ends and we enter the so-called “new normality”. The future is still uncertain. Seeing the benefits that online gambling sites bring, along with the trend of making the world increasingly digitized, you can make old casinos history. The game rooms, however, could continue for those users who prefer to be in a more festive environment surrounded by other players.

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The abundance of online casinos

Doing a quick search on Google or on the internet you can see  lots of websites and platforms that offer options where to play online. These digital casinos offer all those games that you could find in a traditional casino: poker, blackjack, machines, roulette and bingo, etc. The only difference is that the game is played through a screen, with the advantage that from any smart device you can place a bet.

As in traditional casinos, online there are also live events, the Live Casino, a modality that allows players to participate in real time with other users.

Technological advances in this sector have come a long way, and there are more and more new ways to attract new customers. For example, themed machines can be made by adapting the game images to the user’s taste: their favorite soccer team, or with the characters from a certain movie or series. The dynamic, three-dimensional designs can make this game much more interesting.

Innovations in this sector have also come to innovate in payment methods. There are some platforms that allow deposits / withdrawals in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Not all are advantages, online casinos have also had to face legislation, blockades by some banks or even the skepticism of many potential players regarding the security of these pages. However, the implementation of cryptocurrencies in this new world of the game has managed to avoid some legislative and banking obstacles.

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