The business of sports betting houses

In recent years online sports betting has grown a lot, both in terms of the number of players and the variety of bets that the platforms offer.

The numbers are not deceiving, each time all these companies and their products are more present both on billboards, on team shirts and on television.

There are more and more bookmakers

The expansion of the bookmakers is due to the publicity that has been dedicated to the sector as well as the level of digitization that has made the bookmakers accessible at any time and from anywhere. From the moment it is possible to place bets from an application, therefore, the public increases.

The digitization of the sector has forced physical businesses to modernize and innovate, new bookmakers have opened and already attract a very diverse audience. In this sense, the public in their 20s is the one that is growing the most.

Negocio de las casas de apuestas online

The main sports and multiple options to bet

The beautiful game, football, is still the most sought-after game in bookmakers, but nevertheless, many other sports, even some minority ones, are also the object of many bets and large profits.

One of the main innovations that online bookmakers have made is live betting. In this aspect, the social component that it entails must be valued since players can feel very attracted to the excitement of watching the game live and betting as the match progresses.

What does the Spanish legislation says?

Spanish legislation has been forced to be updated in order to adapt to the new reality. Many new laws have been passed, but the truth is that more regulation is still planned.

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