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is a company specialized in Casino gaming with significant experience in Latin America and Spain. Our objectives are targeted at maximizing the return on investment for our clients.

Project Development


1The development of a new Casino, or the expansion of an existing Casino, requires an in depth and complete process. The proper management and guidance of a team of experienced professionals is fundamental to achieve success. TTH GAMING offers the tools necessary to ensure completion in the necessary time and within budget to maximize the investment in the project.


  • Licenses and Permits at the city, state and federal level
  • Market study and analysis of the competition
  • Financial study to ensure economic viability
  • Design of the casino and its complementary services
  • Casino layout of the slots, tables and systems
  • Acquisition and installation of the games and gaming systems
  • Selection and training of personnel
  • Operating and Procedural manuals with Internal Controls
  • Marketing plan including players club
  • Integration with Online Gaming (I- gaming)
  • Security systems and Surveillance

Operation Management


2TTH GAMING is a firm made up of experienced international executives with a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in the gaming industry and its services. Each member of the team has extensive training and experience in Casino operations and its day to day management.TTH GAMING will provide the necessary staff to the casino as it has professionals with in depth experience in the gaming industry in the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

  • Design and Implementation of organizational structure
  • Selection, training and evaluation of personnel. Training program.
  • Compensation structure and incentive planning
  • Information systems, internal controls and reporting
  • Design and optimization of the games offered: tables, slots, poker and wagering.
  • Marketing Plan, promotions, publicity, events and tournaments
  • Players Club and Player Tracking
  • Budgeting of the Operation and Variance Analysis
  • Accounting, administration and financing
  • Security and Surveillance





33. The extensive knowledge of worldwide markets in which TTH GAMING operates, allows the company to receive information regarding market acquisition opportunities that can be of interest to both potential buyers and sellers of Casinos. In these transactions TTH GAMING can offer a range of services needed to successfully complete these transactions. The company also provides advisory guidance for companies with expansion growth strategies on both a domestic and international level. The following services are just some of the services provided and customized depending on the requirements of the clients.


  • Valuation of Casinos and Gaming Companies
  • Due diligence
  • Strategies of Partnerships and Financing
  • Financial Restructuring and Recapitalization



4 TTH GAMING talso offers advisory services through its experienced executive team and its wide network of proven associates. With offices in Barcelona, Panama, Mexico and Los Angeles and a team of gaming professionals with over 25 years of experience in the industry, TTH is positioned to offer effective advisory services in all aspects of the gaming industry. Following are just a few of the areas of service offered and which can be customized to the needs of the client.


  • Market Studies and Economic feasibility studies
  • Preparation for Public Tenders and Requests for Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Site Location and Evaluation
  • Licensing Process and Permits, city, state and federal
  • Internal Auditing of Operations
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Strategy for online gaming
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